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Project Facet
√√√   An elegant finishing of full height windows and a wide array of facilities awaits the discerning resident… 

01b Building Facet WM



Origami Pool & Clubhouse
√√√   A multi-purpose pool and KTV equipped Clubhouse, you will always wanna be at home; your friends too!

02b Origami Pool and Clubhouse WM



√√√   Keep fit in air-conditioned comfort as you gaze into the infinity pool that integrates with the natural river beyond…

04b Gymnasium WM



Sports Bar
√√√   Equipped with all the essentials of a pub, chilling takes on a new meaning at home

05b Sports Bar WM


Waterfront Terrace
√√√   An urban oasis home situated alongside a meandering river… peaceful and serene

08b Waterfront Terrace WM



Wide Frontage Living
√√√   Integrate your home with a picturesque view of the riverfront…

01b Living and Dining WM



Modern Equipped Kitchen
√√√   Trendy design, functional space and equipment; everyone’s a MasterChef!

02b The Modern Kitchen WM



√√√   A generous layout and cozy feel for your own personal timeout…

03b Bathroom WM

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