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FCL presents 4 Brand New Home Concepts:


vista home logoThis relates to floorplans that allow a wide frontage view from the living room

08b Vista Homes WM


verandah home logo

This relates to floorplans that allow homeowners to access their balcony/PES via the living room and kitchen

07b Verandah Homes WM


vantage home logo

This relates to floorplans that allow cross-ventilation from the living room to the dining area with dual views

09c Vantage Home WM


TRIO home logo

FCL trademark for Dual Key Units For Multi-Generation Families



2 Bedroom

2 Bedroom Suites


3 Bedroom

3 Bedroom – Vantage Home

3 Bedroom – Verandah Home

3 Bedroom – Vista Home


3 Bedroom TRIO (Dual-Key)

3 Bedroom – TRIO


4 Bedroom

4 Bedroom – Vista Home


4 Bedroom TRIO (Dual-Key)

4 Bedroom – TRIO


5 Bedroom Penthouse

5 Bedroom Penthouse